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Bomb In A Box! Emc8+content Disk Are Very Dangerous As Packaged!



Although I had some initial problems getting it up and running, I've been using EMC7 for sometime and still have it on my PC. Becaue of my initial problems with version 7, I was a bit reluctant to purchase and install EMC8...until yesterday...I bit the bullet and took the plunge. EMC8 gave me the option of leaving 7 on my PC and installing EMC8 as a separate program. Great option!!!!! I successfully installed 8 yesterday evening, but there's more...


In the box containing EMC8 was a disc titled "CONTENT." The instructions read as follows: "Install this CD to access premium content such as professional special effects and transitions, photo content projects, pre-designed labels, and premium menu styles." When I attempted to run the CONTENT disk...my CD-ROM went invisible. I also began to get numerous error messages such as: PRISMSVR.EXE - Ordinal Not Found...The ordinal 968 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll." McAfee went crazy, Window's Explorer wouldn't boot, all the icons on my screen disappeared and I had to power my PC down to shut it off. I managed a cold reboot, but to my horror the problems continued and multiplied. I went to a friend's house and managed to download the 114MB upgrade and tried to install it, but my PC wouldn't recognize any CD that had ROXIO on it. I did a "Safe" boot and transfered the file to the hard drive, rebooted and installed the upgrade from its position on my hard drive. All my problems persisted until I restored my system back to the day before installing EMC8 and attempting to install the CONTENT disk. EMC8 as packaged is a bomb...a nightmare! I finally got my PC back to normal, but I'm reluctant to install EMC8 without some assurances from ROXIO that they have a solution to this problem. Did anyone else experience this sort of thing and does anyone know the solution.


Please don't tell tme that the 114MB upgrade resolves this issue, as I did not solve any of the problems I was having!!! EMC8 doesn't come with any instructions concerning the disabling of Virus software or anything thing else.


NOTE: When signing onto ROXIO's website, my privacy program told me that ROXIO's website was trying to download a spyBUG to my PC to track my activity on the web. AMAZING!


Does "anyone" know how to defuse ROXIO's in the box BOMB?

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Yeah, well, I did manage to install v. 8.0, but after updating to 8.05 I had to reformat my HDD. God, what a nightmare! :) As far as I am concerned, then, Roxio's out. It looks to me that the troubles with both Roxio and Nero started when they started to sell themselves as (much) more than simple burning programs. Why couldn't they stick to what they did best, i.e. just programs that take care of CD/DVD burning? Alright, they wanted a bigger slice of the pie, I get that, but at what costs?


Anyway, I'm now looking for freeware that does simple burning. Any ideas? I have Burrrn and EAC so far, but I need something that builds (data) DVD ISO images...

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