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Can EMC 9 Do Self Extracting Backups?



Search on "self extracting backup" didn't turn up anything. Does anyone know if/how to create a self extracting backup with EMC 9?


Specifically, I have some large (12+ GByte) video files that I want to backup to DVD Disks (spanned across multiple disks), but I would like for them to be self extracting so that I don't need EMC 9 to restore them.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Back Up My PC, Roxio Backup and Easy Archive are all included in EMC 9


Thanks for your reply gi7omy. See the underlined quote above. I'd like the backup to be in a self extracting format so that I can simply run restore right from the backup DVD on any computer without EMC 9 installed. It looks like EMC 8 had this feature. I'm trying to figure out how to do it in EMC 9.

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I have Easy Media Creator 9 in my system. I found the follows:


(1) BackUP MyPC use file extension ".qic" in both version 6 and version 7. In version 7, it has no option for setting the archieve to be self-extract. If you are using Windows 2000 or below, you should able to restore them directly in Windows casue Windows also using .qic format in their backup program.


2) The Roxio Backup (another backup program bundled with Easy Media Creator 9), it puts a copy of restoring program in the backup. So, you can just put the backup disc in another system, run the restoring program (Launch_Retrieve.exe) and it will do the restore job.


The BackUP MyPC 6(in Easy Media Creator 8) and 7 (in Easy Media Creator 9) use a file extension ".qic". There are no options for setting the backup file to self-extract format in both versions.

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It looks like Roxio EMC 8 had exactly what I need. Just not sure EMC 9 will do the same thing. I found the comment below in this Computer Power User Article


"Two backup products are here, including Roxio Backup, an easier program for file and directory backup, and Backup MyPC 6.0, which has several excellent and unique features. Aside from scheduling backups, it can pop up a reminder slightly before the backup starts (so existing work isn't interrupted). Backups are stored with a self-extracting tool, so you don't need the program to restore the backup; you can do it on any computer. Also, if you don't compress the data, it's stored as is. You can just go into the backup directory and copy files as needed. "


Again, any advice is much appreciated.

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