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Will Upgrade fix my problem?



I am a user of EMC 7. I have always had the problem when I output my productions to AVI I start to get duplicate frames starting at frame 22500. This was posted on these boards over a year ago and never resolved. I gave up and worked around the problem. I am starting some new projects and I am wondering if I should upgrade or go looking for another solution. The Roxio help never got back to me which is one reson I think I might go elsewhere. Is there anyone out there that uses the export to AVI and has more than 22500 frames that can prove that this is still not a problem? Over a year ago I had people on these forums duplicating my problem, but no one ever had a fix.

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Wow! That's a problem that I'd forgotten about but I do remember testing it and duplicating the problem


Most people don't see this because they don't output to DV AVI; they put it directly on a DVD Builder menu and burn it to a DVD.


I'd be interested to know if the problem has been fixed in v 9. I don't have time to test it right now, but if you find the problem in the newer version, I'll attempt to duplicate it after the holidays. It would be disappointing if it still is in the newer version.

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