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Help with creating chapters/titles



I capture video from video camera, and I'm struggling with how to separate the video into chapters or titles. I've tried several options, but none seem to work well. I used the "Make chapters" option last night, but after I selected the start point for each section, there was no way to continue. Help mentions a "Done" button, but there was none. I really want the capture option to automatically detect when the camera was stopped and started and use those as the chapter designations. Any way to do this? I've tried everything.

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Your question reads as if you're trying to create final DVD chapters while in the capture mode... I don't think that is possible with this version (I have EMC v7).

My procedure is to capture the entire video file, edit it in Video Wave, output to an avi file, open up DVD Builder, add the avi file to the project, add the chapter locations manually, and if I want chapter menus.... click the appropriate button.

If you want separate titles, then use Video Wave, and the same captured video, to make separate VW projects and output each "title" as a separate avi file. So, if you want 3 titles representing 3 different sections.... you'll start each with Video Wave, add the capture video, edit down to the section you wish, "Save As" for title 1 with a unique name, output to an avi..... and then repeat that 2 more times for the other 2 sections. The editing is, of course, most easily done in timeline view of VW.

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