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Jewel Cases

Bold Nelson


A couple of years ago, I installed Easy CD Creator 4 (yes, I know), and at the beginning of 2005, I replaced it with Easy CD Creator 5. One of the features that I found really useful was the jewel case inserts program, which not only provided me with a whole range of useful backgrounds (Themes), but would also interrogate the CD and present me with a complete list of tracks and their duration. Great.


I recently bought Easy Media Creator 9 so that I could bring myself up-to-date and start creating DVDs. Imagine my surprise when I found the the jewel case program in EMC 9 isn't a patch on the earlier versions. Not only that, EMC 9 tries to scramble the older jewel cases, and won't let me update them in any meaningful way.


Am I going to have to re-install Creator 5? If I do, will it co-exist happily with EMC 9? Or is there a jewel case creator in EMC 9 that I just can't see? Any and all guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

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The labelling part of 5 will probably work - there was a problem with 5 and XP SP2 but if you can get it working, both versions will co-exist so long as you don't try installing Drag to Disc and DirectCD.


If you just want to re-install the Jewel case part of the program it should work (hope I don't get proved wrong here and have you after my blood) :)

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