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Multi Disc set


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I have done a search, and I gather I know the answer (and it is not a good one). I was just hopeful that perhaps a new solution has come about?


Anyway, I recently sent my cmputer off for warranty repair. Prior to doing so I backed up my critical files to an 8-disc DVD backup. Using Roxio Retrieve, I can get about 1/3 of Disc 1 recovered before the program either hangs or I get "error reading file" messages for every single remaining file on the disc. I can't get anything off the remaining 7 discs either.


Of course, I have since read that multi-disc single sessions are a bad idea. Stupid me for not bothering to check first. Is it at all possible to do something to get the files back? This is very frustrating as I have lost a number of pictures of my daughter from my first marriage.


Is it possible that upgrading to a newer version of EMC might help?



Also, I did, a few months prior, backup a limited number of files across 4 DVD's, but I did each individually. While the DVD's seemed to burn fine, I have put them into three different computers and they just hang on an 'Autoplay' dialog box or give me "MS-DOS" errors??? Maybe Creator 6 just sucks??


Thanks for any help!

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With an 8 disc set you will have a maximum of 7 files (spanned) that will not be recoverable without the Retrieve program. The rest you should be able to copy using Explorer.


As Daithi gave you the links for 2 excellent recovery programs I won't repeat them. They still will not be able to recover the 7 spanned files.


V6 works quite well and will be around for some time to come. I did a limited number of 2, 3 spanned disc projects just to get a feel for it. Of course my limited experiments worked as advertised! One thing I did note was that Retrieve was a little finicky and sometimes took several tries to get it to work. I preferred to launch it from the program group rather than rely on the auto-start version on the disc set.

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Hey, Gator - sorry to hear that. Stupid question(s) here, but what kind of "warranty repair" did they do? Did they swap out the hard drive with a whole new one, starting over from scratch, or did they possibly just "reload" the O/S back onto the existing drive, which would mean that your files could still be on the hard drive, just not recognizable to the "new" O/S? Don't mean to be foolish/simplistic here, but I just did a "repair" like that for a friend of my girl friend's, and there were a number of files she needed that seemed to be "gone". You can try the "Explore" option in My Computer and look around to see if your data (picture files, etc.) is still there, unless they started from "Zero". I have good luck for many people with this, and it's also a good way to "cherry pick" things that you'd like to save, rather that possibly having to go through the whole "backup" process, unless it's absolutely necessary. Sorry, but don't know that portion of the Roxio software at all - haven't used the capability. I do agree that Version 6 is a good one, and has worked well for me, although I have one stupid glitch myself right now. Good luck, and hope this might help. W.B.

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