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Burning iso to disk

Tiffany OSheal


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How do you "burn at a slower speed"? Could you tell me where this setting is?

After clicking Burn, a box will come up with choice selections for your burn such as choosing which drive (if you have more than 1), burning mutliple copies and speeds. Click the pull down and select a slower speeds. This depends on the drive you have and the firmware it's running. You may also want to check that you have the latest firmware for your burner too.


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How should I burn the iso to disk so it reads properly on a dvd player?

I finally got the iso to burn properly, but i've tried disc copier and data discs so far and neither have worked. What am i doing wrong?

HELP! I have to have the problem solved BY thursday!!!!!!!!




Disc Copier is the easiest way to go and should work but I and a few others occasionally have better luck using Creator Classic to burn some ISO files. I had 2 projects that, for reasons I don't know, using different brands of media, would not play on 1 of my players. I've had some luck burning at slower speeds but I tried Creator Classic instead of Disc Copier and noticed I had less problems.

In Creator, choose 'Burn for Disc Image File' and navigate to your file and click 'burn'. That should do it.

It also helps to use the media your player mfgr. says is best.

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It finally worked! I just hit burn image to disk and it worked! Thanks SO much for your help on this. There's no way these Christmas presents would have been done if it wouldn't have been for ya'll!!

THANKS!!! :)

Ahhh!, you used the option from the Home menu/Copy function. I hardly ever even use the Home screen but it's excellent you gave it a try. Glad you brought it up.

Glad to have helped. Merry Christmas!

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