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Studio setup

Billy Bob Studioegeek

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OK, so I am old scholl, know mixers, tape machines, the old scholl stuff. I want to set up a home studio the remaster LPs, casettes, etc, AND record music from variuos sources. What all do I need to set up a studio to do this?

I think we need some clarifications. When you say you want to "remaster" LPs and cassettes, does this mean you have access to the original multi-track recordings? Or are primarily "transferring" from LP/cassette to CD? (Doing some noise reduction along the way, maybe?) What are the other "various sources" you're thinking of recording?


In any case, you need a decent sound card. If you want to go to standard Audio CDs, then most sound cards will accomodate the 44.1Khz sample rate, 16 bit samples, stereo that is required. If you want to go to DVD Audio, then you could get a card capable of 96Khz sampling at 24 bits, and more channels, if you have more than two channels of source material. Back to the Audio CD... all of the software you really need is included in EMC 7.5, 8, and 9. Depending on how much cleaning you want to do, you may want to invest in "better" audio cleaning applications, like DART XP Pro, or SoundForge, or Diamond Cut 6. (I use DART XP Pro and Diamond Cut.) For more editing control, I enjoy Goldwave.


Your studio really need be nothing much more than your PC, a turntable and cassette deck for transferring LPs and Cassettes. For "other sources", if you're doing live recordings, then you'll need your mixer to mix down to however many channels you wind up having on your sound card as your "record".


Hope that helps!

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