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MyDVD Premier vs recorded TV


I have just upgraded to MyDVD Premier so I could edit commercials out of my recorded TV. It converts the DVD-MS file to MPG just fine. I got the program to delete/edit commercials out of recorded TV movies. I can not figure out how to do this. Any help would be great appreciated. (Windows Media Ed. > Pc w/TV tuner card)

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Premier implies one of the EMC packages, so post-MyDVD6.


First launch EMC, select the video tab, then select Edit Video. VideoWave will launch, now select Add Photo/Video and import in your video you wish to edit. Select View, Timeline. On the bottom if you press play you'll see a vertical bar progress to the right. If you pause you can click on this bar and drag it to any location on the timeline. As an example, let's say you want to edit out a commercial. Bring the slider to the beginning of the commercial and then right click on the timeline and select Split. Now move the slider to the end of the slider and split again. The timeline will appear to be 3 separate video clips. Select the commercial clip, right click on it and select Delete. You've just edited out the commercial. You can repeat these steps to trim video or move segments around the video clips.


Hope this clears things up a bit

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