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ancient version, but the only one i got...not working... tips?



OK, I got a PC, years ago, and now I have a new one. I'm trying to completely clean out the old one and re-install everything. The software came with the PC and is suppose to be reinstalled when I use the system disks that came with that pc. Sure, the links and icons show up just fine, but the dll files seem to be missing. I've tried several times to re-install, but so far, no luck, go figure. Is there anyway to copy ALL the files associated with this program from another PC and place them on my old PC? I have a PC that has the same version of Adeptic CD Copier and Easy CD creator and all, but how do i track down all the files associated with them? Backing up thigns and re-installing them never seems to catch all the fiels needed, so im a little confused!


Any help would be hugely appreciated as i plan on giving my old cleaned up /updated pc to a friend who needs something to cheer him up for now. Was hoping to have it done by christmas, but if its a day late, he might understand. Thanks for your time in advance!!

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To reinstall, you need the installation disc. If you don't have one, you can pick it up fairly inexpensively on eBay or similar.


If you put all the files down, by copying them, you don't have the registry links. It's like putting together animal parts but not having nerves or brain - it won't work as it did before. In fact, it just own't work.



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