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Missing files


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Here's my problem. I have over 10 gb of E-books (in pdf format)that I want to back up to DVD's. I am using roxio 6 to do this.

The trouble is, when I burn the dvd the software tells me that all files have been recorded, none skipped. But when I try to view the files, the disc is empty although according to the properties, it holds 3 gig's of data. I am using Sony DVD+R's. I only had luck once when approximately half of the selected files were copied to the DVD. When I tried to copy the rest to another disc, only the first file in the "playlist" was recorded. I am trying to burn this as a data disc, not music or other. I have tried recording with finalizing the disc and recording without but the result is the same. I am running windows 2000 pro. My computer is a Sony Viao PCVRX450 with AMD Athlon 1 GHz processor and 512k RAM. I've never seen this problem before, having archived hundreds of photos to DVD in the past using the same software and computer.

Ah...almost forgot, my burner is an IDE 1008 (manufacturer unknown). Sorry if this has already been asked but I didn't see it anywhere. Hope you can help

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Your IDE 1008 is a probably a BTC 1008IM drive, and should be fine with Easy CD and DVD 6. (Mine was, but I broke it)


What application are you using to burn these files to a data disc? Are you using Creator or Drag-to-Disc? You might find that Creator works better than the other application.


Again, have you tried a different brand/batch of DVDs? I had much trouble with some which claimed to be Sonys but were counterfeit.

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Okay....ditched the Sony DVD +Rs and went back to my old standbys, Office Depot DVD-R's cheap and (usually) reliable. This time all the folders made it to the DVD but were compleatly empty. The computer insists that there is 3.09 Gigabytes of something on that disc but I'll be damned if I can see it. :)


I did use the regular creator method to attempt this burn as opposed to Drag-to-Disk which I have had bad luck with in the past.


Just a note... Using the same drive, I was able to burn the PDF files to regular old CD-R's with no trouble at all.


And here's a corker.....Photos burn to both the Sony DVD+R's and the Office Depot DCD-R's just fine. Didn't drop a single pic. Just these blasted PDF's that are giving me grief for some reason.

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