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Smart Encoding VS Custom Encoding



I've created a DVD and burned it to an ISO file. In the past, I've just double click on the ISO and EMC 9 comes up with burn image to disk screen, and I hit burn. However, I have been having issues with the DVD's playing on different machines and PCs.


So last night I tried 2 things I tried different media and also noticed an options button near the burn button. Hey, I'm brave, let us see what this does :huh:


There are 2 radio buttons

1 for use Smart Encoding and another for use cutome encoding.


I used custom and took the defaults, now I can't find a player this will NOT run on.


Can anyone explain this and if this is the case, why would Smart encoding be selected as default? :)

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Hmmmm... what app pops up when you double click on teh ISO? I've always used Disc Copier and don't recall 'Smart Encoding'.


Never mind - that's part of the HOME applications Record Now technology. You can also burn ISOs using Creator Classic and Disc Copier. Try one of those to see if they also work for you. I like Disc Copier because the interface is more simple.

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