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When working with a self generated thumbnail after bringing a movie in I am having some problems. First I was able to right click on the image and in a window select the frame to be shown in the thumbnail, however when I went back to the menu the frame shown wasn't the one I selected, it was from seconds earlier.


Next I started over and this time the whole movie played in the thumbnail but there was no way to stop it and just select one frame as a still image. Under the Menu menue 'select thumnail' was greyed out.


I upgraded from EMC7 that came with my Plextor drive to get the AC3 ability and so far everything else is like taking a step backwards. It's slower and clunkier. I have worked with many programs and so far I am very unimpressed with EMC8.

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I've got the exact same problem.


After re-installing mu OS and then EMC8 this seems to still be my only (Currently known) problem.


I also saw a post about someone saying they selected a thumbnail and got a black screen.


I either get something I did not want or in one case a white screen. After checking where it was as a thumbnail it was placed at the end of the video.


So maybe it can only select certain points in time?


In my case with the white screen the clip was less then 2 minutes.



It's nice to know that this is a real problem and not just me.

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