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Dvd Space Estimation



When is the - last DVD medium sectors - value in com.roxio.Toast.plist updated?

The value for DVD SPACE ESTIMATION is taken from this value, and after using a non-supported but highly functional DVD-R, the SPACE ESTIMATION got stuck on 492.38GB! That means Toast prepares files larger than 4.38 GB when encoding, and I will get a write error when disc gets full.

It should be possible to correct the space value manually from Toast, or at least to use the current used disc's value! Correct value for 4.38GB is 2298496 sectors, stuck value was 258151040 sectors.

Has anyone any ideas, tips and tricks?

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I'd say it is a Toast bug, because Toast knows the size of the inserted disc but does not use that value for Space Estimation. Instead it uses the * last DVD medium sectors * value in com.roxio.Toast.plist, and that value is not updated when a new disc is inserted. If it was, Space Estimation would be correct and I can encode and burn a correct Disc Image, which works every time even on my bad media! :)

Even if it is the firmware or the driver that is updating * last DVD medium sectors *, I'd say Toast should take the Space Estimation value from the disc currently inserted. Or even let me choose a size which I want to put on my DVD manually. Does it make sense? Or am I unaware of important things?

My bad media is recognized as MCC 02RG20 if you want to try. :huh:

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Thanks for your time on my problem freshburn!

I now use the Text editor to correct the * last DVD medium sectors * value.

And I know now that the value is updated after a disc has been burnt, because I just tried with a proper value in * last DVD medium sectors * on a bad disc. When burning was done, Space Estimation had changed. Actually it might be the verification that update the value, but I'm not sure.

So I guess plist is not corrupt and has all rights, since it is updated after all. But not when I need it.

Feel free to try this: update * last DVD medium sectors * to 258151040; check the space estimation; encode a video disc image automatically, burn it on a good disc and have write error when the disc is full. Probably * last DVD medium sectors * is updated to the good value, if not edit to 2298496! :)

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