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is my hardware good enough



Guys, please help me out here. I have been having multiple problems with Roxio EMC9 in almost every thing i try to do. There has to be something fundamentally wrong with my computer (if not software). I have re-installed the software to no luck. I am myself a software application engineer for over 15 years and from what i see these are clearly software issues but i am told by John that only very small percentage of customers have problems with ROXIO. Here is my hardware configuration. (Notice: 2 hardware). Tell me if you see any redflags. Thanks!!



DELL Precision M60

1.99 Ghz


Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX Go1000



HP xw6200

64 bit

3.6 GHz


Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX3400

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Hmm.. I know that the nVidia Quadro line of cards is designed more for workstations. HOW WELL they support DirectX 9 3D commands, I'm not sure. Just make sure you have the latest drivers and the latest DirectX (13dec06). The video cards should have at least 128MB of dedicated memory. If these cards do not support 3D, then make sure Videowave/MyDVD is set to software rendering.


Windows updates are also advisable. .Net is needed for some of the Media Manager features, but is not needed for most of the suite.

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