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VideoWave 4.1

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:) I'm having difficulty adding audio trax to a VW4 storyboard. I have a 20 minute video with a combination of video clips and digital stills. I'd like to add 5 separate audio tracks with specific in/out and fade-in/fade-out points to the video. I end up with overdubbing trax with where one audio track comes in and does not stop while a second starts and plays over the first. The online HELP isn't too helpful. I think I need basic instruction in the use of the REPEAT & MIX functions as well as the RESET & APPLY buttons.

(1) It appears that when an audio track is first entered in the AUDIO STUDIO control window, it has a pink bar in the AUDIO TRACKS control panel. A track that was set up in an earlier scene has a gray bar. At what point do you set the FADE OUT control and instruct the program to end an audio track?

(2) When I attempt to make a change to an audio track with a gray bar, the APPPLY function does not work. Should audio changes be made to specific start and end points in the storyboard or do you have to know how long your audio track will run, then set the REPEAT function and the FADE OUT at the initial scene?

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