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16x9 Project - Menu Problems



I have DVDit 6 Pro. I have just completed a project in 16x9.


I have made the first play to be a neat little animation that reveals the main menu. I then wanted the menu media to cut on, which it does relatively seamlessly except for a slight positional shift and a colour shift. The only problem is in 16x9 simulation (and burnt disc) the menu's work fine and join up nicely to the menu frame. But when I watch it or simulate it in 4:3 letterbox or pan and scan mode the animation letterboxes fine but when it switches to the menu frame it pops back out to anamorphic! Reaaaaallly annoying.


Any ideas???

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Have I got you right... you start your dvd with an animation, that animation creates an end frame with allows the viewer to select from the listed buttons on that menu... Said menu then leadsinto the first frame of each movie from the menu seamlessley, except that there is an aspect ratio alteration and shift in colour...?


Im attepmting the exact same thing.... IE


I have a quicktime animation that creates the background for the menu. There are 5 buttons on the menu, and depending on which button your press depends on which movie plays.... BUT each movies first frame is the END frame from the menu, that then comes full screen with the selected video playing... clear so far?


What is actually happening is that the menu is 1024x576 and the movies are 720x576 (with 16:9 pixel aspect raio) , but even if the movie attributes are set to display as 16:9 they just pillar box the movie rather than displaying at 16x9....


I ALSO get a flash frame from the last frame of the menu to the first frame of the incoming movie.... THIS TOO IS VERY ANNOYING


Can anyone help?

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