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EZCD Creator-QuicBOOKs backup problem


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Just wondering if anyone on this forum has run into this problem.


We have a HP running WINME and QuickBooks Basic Ed 2004 that works fine except for the backup. It has always backed up to floppy diskettes O.K. but won't backup to CD's. Have tried using the CD writer with Roxio 6 Easy CD creator and it works O.K so we know the hardware is alright. But we always get an error message when telling QuickBooks to do it's backup to a CD. Message varies, sometimes says something about permission but has also said no room on the CD even when a new blank one is inserted. Have tried with CD-R's and CD-RW's and have same problem. Had the same problem when EZ Creator 4.0 was on system so I am wondering whether there is a setting problem in EZ CD Creator that is conflicting with the QuicBooks backup function.


Yes, I have inquired at the QuicBooks forums, but no response to date.

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XP is the only OS with the ability to write to a CD. No previous OS version can do that! This leaves you with only 2 methods of backing up to CD, packet writing or authoring.


Lynn has described the pitfalls of packet writing (Drag to Disc) and I agree.


Authoring would entail making a "Backup" from within WinBooks to your HD instead of a floppy. Then you start Classic and burn a Data CD project from there.


You would add the "backup" to the Project pane and click Burn. When the next window pops up you could select Track-at-Once and Finalize Session. Don't Finalize Disc to produce a Session project. With Sessions you can add more later.


To add more sessions in V6 you must insert the disc before adding anything to the Project Pane!!! When you do this, you will get a prompt to Import Existing Data. Click OK. Only after the existing data is added, do you add any new data to the Project Pane.


I would suggest trying this a couple of times with an RW disc to get the hang of burning this way. (RW discs are life limited and should not be used for archiving because of that)

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