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My DVD 8 Help



I just bought a LITE ON LH-20A1H DVD Burner. This drive does everything except burn blue ray. I also have Roxio MyDVD Premier 8. I have two issues that I cant figure out.


1. When burning a disc it take as long as the disc is +. Basicly it shows an encoding preview for the whole disc and burns and that speed about 1x. This is very frustrating because my dvd burner can burn at 20x. I cant seem to get it to not do the preview thing.


2. Once Mydvd 8 finishes I hit ok button, then windows give my a popup like I just inserted a blank disc.

And the DVD does not work in any DVD player. It seems like MyDVD is writing the disc like a DATA disc, however windows doesnt even see it as that.




It very frustrating because all I have is Lightscribe disc and I have wasted three of them trying to fix this. I just want to be able to put my home movies on disc to play on my dvd player in the family room.


If anyone can help I would greatly appriciate it.



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