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video wave 9 sound problem



Very new to EMC 9. My problem is when I add a video file to videowave 9, and then play the video, the sound is very distorted. Also when I open the audio editor, the native sound of the video is also distorted, and none of the functions of the sound editor work. ie equalizer,sound volume. And the sound editor has hung several times with no specific error message.

Recently did clean install of windows xp pro, all latest drivers, and latest DirectX.

System:AMD 64 X2 dual core, Asus A8N-sli motherboard, using onboard sound, EVGA nvidia 7800 gt video card, 2 gb memory. WD raptor as system drive.

Video file was an uncompressed captured video from my panasonic gs500, dv-avi file. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Go to the control panel / sounds and audio

click on the Audio TAB

for default device click the advanced button

Then the Performance TAB

move the hardware acceleration slider to the left one or twoo notches.


That usually helps most users.

Make sure you have the lates audio drivers too.

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I am having the same problem. I tried the fix you listed above and it doesn't work. I have updated the latest drivers to no avail. Are there any other things that I can do to fix the problem? Between the sound problem and all of the other problems I'm having with EMC9.0 since I installed it yesterday, I'm burning up the boards trying to find solutions/fixes. :)

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