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Disc Copier Browse



Windows XP SP2

Dell 2.0 GHZ (with 1.5 GB RAM)

EMC 9.0

120 GB HD (with 17 GB of free space)


I have been successfully burning DVDs by using the Browse to DVD/Video folder, then selecting the folder and burning to a SONY DRU-830A using both Memorex single layer (DVD-R) and Fuji DL (DVD +R)...


Until today. I have several VIDEO_TS folders on my HD. When I launch Disc Copier from the main application (by selecting copy DVD movie) and select the Browse for folder drop-down. The hard disk shows activity and then the application simply goes back to the root splash screen.


I have tried clearing more space and rebooting... any help

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Do you get the little warning box?

This product or software may be used to assist you in reproducing material which you own the copyright or have obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner, So on..............................


Or have you checked it, don't show me this again?


Try this click on applications top left, then disc copier middle. Then when it opens choose the video complication tab on the source(left side)to add your video folders to burn. Does this route work?



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