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CD Key wont work in 7.5 ESD Upgrade



I've probably not read EVERY post, but many about this topic. I attempted to install EMC V8, but got CD Key Invalid error....so attempted to uninstall..disaster....then went the Windows Clean Up route...got rid of MOST but not all installations...then thought I'd be clever and install EMC7, then do the upgrade....hosed my DVD RW drive recognition...finally got that back but still can't upgrade to 7.5 OR install EMC8 ('the infamous 'CD KEY is not valid).


So...here I am...CD key not valid, but have a DVD/RW back...

- have attempted Windows installer and clean-up - but EMC Creator Classic (or anything else in EMC) still does not SEE the DVD RW drive

- attempted Windows setup to 'repair'...seemed to go fine...then...

- after repair tried to install SP 2 - did not complete correctly!!


Am I at the 'point of no return' and rebuild the boot drive???


Thanks in advance for your help..this is a great forum!!!!



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You could have messed up the registry - but also SP2 was notoriously fickle - stuff only really worked well if they aere installed AFTER SP2 - so you may be in the situation where a reformat and re-install are called for


As a recommendation (before flattening) and to make life a lot simpler, get a blank CD, download SP2 and install this program (Autostreamer)




Insert your Windows XP CD and run that - tell it where SP2 is and it will write an iso file of XP with SP2 already slipstreamed in then burn the CD from the iso image file it makes - so when you install the OS, you already have SP2.



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By the way Goalie, there are others that have not been able to run EMC 7.5 and 8 on the same computer. If you already have EMC 7.5 installed and try to load EMC 8, you will get a screen advising you to delete certain other programs and there is a separate box that you can click that is in special reference to EMC 7. I had this same problem and when I removed EMC 7.5, 8 installed just fine. And you sure can't run EMC 7.5 if you have IE 7 installed, that's for sure.



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