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Changing the "Current Profile" of my burner on Toast 7.1.2 Titanium

Dave Newman


Not sure if this is going to make sense, but I'm capable of doing everything I want with my new external Lacie DL burner...except burn DL DVD's!


When I insert a blank DVD+R DL disc, Toast's "Disc Info" displays the following:


Medium Type: DVD+R Double Layer

DVD Book Type: DVD+R DL

Space Available: 31.25 GB

Space Used: 0 KB

Write Speeds: 2x

Diameter: 120mm

Layers: dual, opposite track path

Manufacturer ID: RITEKD01

Content Type: Blank


We seem to be good there.


However, on "Recorder Settings"...no matter what I do, it always seems to revert to "DVD+R" as the current profile (in spite of the fact that "DVD+R DL" seems to be among the possible options.)


This is what I see:


Inquiry Response Data Inquiry Response Data

Model: TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-S162L

Where: FireWire

Firmware: LC02 / MMC-3

Cache Size: 2 MB

CD/DVD Drive Capabilities and Status Page

DVD-RAM Read Yes

DVD-R Read Yes

DVD-ROM Read Yes

Method 2 Yes

CD-RW Read Yes

CD-R Read Yes

DVD-RAM Write Yes

DVD-R Write Yes

Test Write Yes

CD-R/RW Write Yes

CD-R Write Yes


Multi Session Yes

Mode 2 Form 2 Yes

Mode 2 Form 1 Yes

Digital Port (2) No

Digital Port (1) No

Composite No

Audio Play Yes

Read Bar Code No



C2 Pointers supported Yes

R-W De-interleaved & corrected No

R-W Supported Yes

CD-DA Stream is Accurate Yes

CD-DA Cmds Supported Yes

Eject (Individual or Magazine) Yes

Prevent Jumper No

Lock State Yes

Lock Yes

R-W in Lead-in Yes

Side Change Capable No

S/W Slot Selection (SSS) No

Changer Supports Disc Present No

Separate Channel Mute Yes

Separate volume levels Yes




Length 16

Loading Mechanism Type Tray

Number of Volume Levels Supported 256

Buffer Size Supported 2 MB


Current Profile DVD+R

Profile List

DVD-R Dual Layer Sequential Recording

DVD-R Dual Layer Jump Recording


DVD+R Current


DVD-RW Sequential Recording

DVD-RW Restricted Overwrite


DVD-R Sequential Recording





Removable disk

Core Persistent

Morphing Persistent

Removable Medium Persistent

Write Protect Supported

Random Readable Current

Multi-Read Supported

CD Read Supported

DVD Read Supported

Random Writable Supported

Incremental Streaming Write Supported

Sector Erasable Supported

Formattable Supported

Defect Management Supported

Write Once Supported

Restricted Overwrite Supported

CD-RW CAV Write Supported

MRW Supported

DVD+RW Supported

Rigid Restricted Overwrite Supported

CD Track at Once Supported

CD Mastering Supported

DVD-R/RW Write Supported

DDCD Read Supported

DDCD-R Write Supported

DDCD-RW Write Supported

BD Read Supported

BD Write Supported

Power Management Persistent

Embedded Changer Supported

CD Audio analog play Supported

Microcode Upgrade Persistent

Time-out Persistent

DVD-CSS Current

Real Time Streaming Current

Logical Unit serial number Persistent

Disc Control Blocks Current

DVD CPRM Supported


Would anyone have an idea as to how I can "force" the program to accept the unit's current profile as that of a dual-layer burner?


I'd be EXTREMELY grateful!


Thanks much,


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Just wanted to follow up and let you know that the sole problem was the burner not caring for the first blank DVD+R DL's I'd gotten for it. (Fuji, by the way.)


Although I'm definitely relieved, I can't believe I went through that much heartache...and it turned out to be something that stupid!


Well, it's now working like a champ...so I'm happy!


Thanks for your help.

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I can at least confirm that you have a problem. When I insert a DVD+R DL disc the profile for my LaCie drive changes to DVD+R DL. But even your Disc Info is messed up because it claims you DL disc can hold 31.25 GB of data. Would that make it an 8-L disc?


This could be a firmware issue with the drive that prevents it from properly recognizing Ritek DL discs. LaCie drives do work well with Verbatim DVD+R DL media. I'd test with that brand before deciding if I have a drive or OS issue. Also, if you haven't already done this, download and install the most recent firmware from LaCie's support site.

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Thanks for the response.


Yeah, I was thinking that the "31.25 GB" of space available (while it would be nice) was kinda screwy, too.


I've downloaded Lacie's current firmware updates...but I'll definitely try some Verbatim blanks tomorrow.


Thanks for the tip...I'll keep my fingers crossed, and let you know whether or not it works!


(...And Merry Christmas!)

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