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CD Spin Doctor 2.0.2 hangs

Garth Mall


I have been trying for two days now to get Spin Doctor to play back the tracks it creates. The transfer is from a tape and appears to record correctly, but after auto selecting tracks, if I try to play back the audio, the spinning ball appears. Application not responding.


I deleted everything I could find relating to the application and reinstalled, but the same thing occurs. I have tried two computers, an older G3 powerbook and a new iMac Intel. Unless I have missed a step somewhere??????


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Which OS are you running? I have discovered that CD SD 2 and 3 do not work properly with Leopard (OSX v10.5).


I recently bought an iMac (Intel) and found my old CD SD 2 would not play tracks.

I paid $40 to upgrade to CD SD 3, but found no difference. The next day I bought Toast 8 Titanium, which includes CD SD 4. It works!

I am now trying to get a refund for the CD SD 3. Roxio should have stated that CD SD 3 does NOT work with Leopard!


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I had a similar problem with an older version of CD Spin Doctor that I transferred to an Intel mini. Apparently the interpretter code in OS X can't keep up with the hardware or something and switching to the new Universal Binary version resolve THAT problem (I have another one that brought me here looking that I will open another topic on).


But you say you have similar results on a G3. . .

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