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unrecognized files for import

piper ron


I have just purchased myDVD 8 Premium and have tried to use it for mpg files taken by a Sony DVD handycam. However, when I try to import these video files from a directory on the computer, it shows the files as a red circle with a line through it icon. I assume this means that the files are not compatible. I don't understand this however, because they are just mpg files. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, they are files but the recording scheme that the camcorder uses fragments the files so they cannot be copied and used as one would expect.


You will have to Capture the files using Media Import from your camcorder with it hooked up to you PC via a Firewire (1394) connection.


Plan B: If you Finalize your disc in your camcorder, you should be able to capture from the disc.

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