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Rebate Snow Job

Doug Dzioba


I purchased Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 back in August of 2006, from the online store. First let me make it very clear that I have never delt with a more inept company when it comes to customer relations. I was suppose to be entitled to a fifty dollar rebate with this purcahse. I filled out the rebate form but omitted sending in the qualifying proof of previous owned software that qualified me for this rebate. When I receved my post card notifying me of them not being able to honor my request I mailed in the missing documentationon Sept. 6, 2006. I also called the resubmissions department at the phone number on the front of the post card. The agent assured me that he was able to qualify me for the rebate as a good will gesture and because I was such a valued customer. I have since monitored the rebate web site and it still has not been updated to reflect this good will. I have phoned the rebate center on three ofther occassions and even spoken with a supervisor to not avail. It is evident to me that this seems to be a common practice with roxio by the posting of other people on this forum and other forums on the web.

I called Roxio to speak with a customer service represeitive and as you would guess they referred me back to the same inefficent rebate center so that I may get the same run around. This type of customer relations must be condoned by the whole management of this company. I will also share my experience with others. For anyone that reads this and thinks this is just a comedy of errors I know you believe there is a Santa Clause and Easter Bunny.

To any Roxio employee that reads this and wishes to correct this situation you may forward my feeling to the appropriate person in the company that can take the responsibilty to correct this. I can be contacted by e-mail at dwdzioba@comcast.net

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Maybe a few things I have learned in the past about "rebates" might help you with your frustrations.



Many software companies do not handle their own rebates they offer. They many times sub out the rebate offers to another company, so blaming that company for not honoring your rebate might not be their fault.


I have been advised by several rebate company offers that when they say the rebate will take 6 to 8 weeks, that really means that it will take that long AFTER it gets into their system database. So that might actually be more than the time shown.


When you have to re-mail a rebate do to some incident (like yours when you had to re-submit), that means that the time period starts all over again.


Another thing that I have learned the hard way: ALWAYS send the rebate by registered or certified mail (the one where you actually get a card back showing that the rebate was received and signed by someone). There are rebates companies that will tell you "We never received your rebate" and there is no way you can prove otherwise unless you have the returned card.


IMHO, rebates are a legal scam anyway. I always said that the dude that came up with rebates was a genious. He figured out a way to use YOUR money for a couple of months and make money by getting interest on all the many thousands of dollars of peoples money.



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I like snow, and you must like spam, because you put your e-mail address in your post.


You are posting to a users forum, and we are users just like you, so there is nothing we can do for your situation. But, I doubt that you will stop back in, so you won't see this.


Hopefully someone from Roxio will see your post and help you get that rebate.

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