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CinePlayer 2.2 Installation Problem





I'm having some difficulty installing CinePlayer 2.2 on a Windows XP SP2, HP DC7600 Desktop. I keep receiving the error that I have insufficient permissions to perform the installation. I am in an administrative group, and I've also added my user account implicitly as a local admin. Any suggestions?




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How did you get this installation? How did you acquire the software?


If you purchased the software directly from Sonic or Roxio include your email address and I'll see what I can do.



I work for a large corporation and we order desktops from HP and the software is included on the machines. We rebuild the machines with our own build and include the software in our build as well.

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I have Sonic Cineplayer which came bundled with Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 and have never ever been able to get it to work, all I ever get when I execute is 'Sonic CinePlayer authentication failed. (0)'. It is on a stand alone machine over which I have full administrative privileges, it is really annoying when you buy software in good faith and it does not work.


Can't even work out how to get it off my computer as it does not include an uninstall routine and now whenever I start Windows built in Media Player to play an mpeg file I get Sonic popping up telling me 'CinePlayer DVD Decoders - The CinePlayer decoders cannot find a valid license. - Please re-install the product'. Their having a laugh.


Originally when I tried to get support to find a solution to this problem I couldn't, the reason being to get support you have to register and to register you have to get the software working ! ! ! what great brain thought that up.


Can someone please advise how to get the software working or failing that how to stop it interfering with other software and how to correctly remove it from my system.

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You might be running into an activation issue because each Cineplayer license is unique and is allowed to be unlocked 5 times. You can contact Tech Support to get this number upped another 5 once you run out but we can't make a license have hundreds of unlocks for a business image.


If it's not the activation, it must be something with the imaging and installation across multiple machines

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