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Philips and BenQ joint ventures ends


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"It's not a big secret that the DVD burners of Philips and BenQ are the same, with the only difference being their firmware. This was possible due to a joint venture of Philips and BenQ where Philips was mainly the supplier of technology and patents, and where BenQ supplied the joint venture with relative cheap labour.


Today, Philips has announced on their website that the digital storage joint venture with BenQ, which was named Philips & BenQ Digital Storage or PBDS, is no longer. The company has now teamed up with Lite-On and PBDS will be renamed PLDS."



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Reminds me of my very first CD-R drive - a Hewlett Packard, produced waaay back when 640 MB was the only size (and even then cost the equivalent of $2 EACH.


Anyway - when the 700 MB media came along I e-mailed HP asking if there would be a firmware upgrade to handle and got a rather snotty reply "As HP do not manufacture 700 MB discs, we have no intention of upgrading the firmware".


However - I had to move the computer (and being a bit absent minded) left a CD in the drive, which promptly shifted and fell off the tray into the innards. I removed the drive and opened it to extract the disc - and spotted the Philips logo all over it.


It turned out that it was a re-badged Philips and flashing it with the Philips firmware gave me a 700 MB capable writer :)

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