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How to get the Internet Upload Screen (Gracenote) Back



Ok, this has happened to me two or three times now, so I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to fix it.


1) I insert a CD for ripping.

2) Gracenote informs me that the CD is not in their database and asks whether I want to upload the track info

3) I say "yes" and start to fill in the screen.

4) Part of the way through, the screen disappears and I'm left with just part of the info recorded.


I think that the reason the screen disappears is that I've hit some sort of key that dismisses it, but no matter, all I want to know is how to get it back. I've tried opening and reloading the CD, but that just results in a pop-up of the data I already posted, not the screen for further editing.



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