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non-linear video capture?



Hoping someone here can help out someone who's somewhat of a technological dinosaur...


Can EMC9 capture video that was recorded with non-linear bit rate? I have a Sony DCR-SR40 and the stock video capture/editing software is horrible. I'm looking to purchase more powerful software and I've heard Roxio is a good program for the home camcorder enthusiast. I understand that the camera I have records video in a non-linear fashion, rather than a fixed bit rate; so I want to make sure EMC 9 can capture video in this format before I purchase.


If anyone has successfuly captured video from the DCR-SR40 or SR80 with EMC9 that's about all I need to know. Thanks in advance.

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Short answer, Yes.


How it is originally encoded is irrelevant to capture. Captures, captures and that is what the file is from that point on unless it output to another format.


The term you meant to use is variable bit-rate. Everything is filmed/captured in a linear path. It has to be unless you bring a written note from A.Einstein, giving you permission to bend time…



There is also a V9 Trial Version you can download and use for 30 days.

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Technically, you don't need to 'capture' from the SR40 or SR80 because they are hard drive models that record directly to MPEG format. The camcorder should be recognized by Windows like an external hard drive. You should be able to use Windows Explorer to just copy the files you want to the internal hard drives for editing.

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