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digitalmedia plus v7 does not show file names, which it cannot record to disc



Hey, I am not sure if this problem has already been posted, but I could not find it. My problem is that when I am trying to save a bunch of audio/video/data under "Create Data Disc," often, I will encounter the error:

The following files could not be recorded to your disc. Do you want to continue?

That's fine; I suppose some files just cannot be burned. However, Sonic does not show me the full names of the files, which cannot be burned; it only shows me the beginning of them, for example:

C:\desktop stuff\valued customer's files\... A filename cannot contain any of the fol...

This becomes a problem when I am saving many many files, and I need to know which ones will not be making it onto the disc. I am not as interested to see a list of all of the file types that cannot be burned; instead, I am interested in knowing how to see the full file names. Is there any way to do this? If not, then sheesh--what a crappy program! I have more faith in it, however. There must be a way! Help! This is also my first time using a forum, so I hope this works.

Thank you, and best wishes.


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79 people have viewed this and nobody can help me? wtf? how about if i say the word "^#!&"? i imagine that should pique somebody's interest/trigger some sort of alarm. c'mon folks~it's been almost two months! help! somebody must know something!


Ok, I registered just to answer this question, so I hope you check back and find this answer.


The solution is very simple, but easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for.


When you see the list of files that can't be recorded, and it cuts off the message at

"A filename cannot contain any of the fol...", look just above at the bars across the messages at the very top of the window. There is a small line dividing the file name/file path column from the "reason it can't be burned" column. Simply left click your mouse on that line dividing the two columns, and drag the line to the right, thus stretching the column wider.


This is the same thing you would do in Windows when you want to make the Name or the Size or the Type columns wider when looking at files in a folder. Because the window that these two columns are in is pretty small, you might think you can stretch the column wider than the window itself, but you can. Just keep stretching it to the right and making it wider, even right off the edge of the window, and a horizontal scroll bar will appear at the bottom of the window that will allow you to scroll to the right to see the whole column. If you need to stretch it again, further, you can do so.


I hope that makes sense. It's a little tricky to explain, but very simple once you understand what's going on.



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