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Display issues with Label Creator


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When using the Label Creator as part of the Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 ( on a Dell Latitude D620 running Windows XP Pro (sp2) there are serious issues with the editing area of the screen where the various parts of the label are edited (front cover, back cover, booklet, etc) for a CD. For example, if I switch from editing the booklet to the front cover the elements of the booklet still show on the screen. Or if I switch to another application running on my desktop, such as my e-mail program, and then switch back to the label creator there will be elements of my e-mail program showing in the edit area overlayed on whatever part of the CD label I might be working on. This makes actual label editing impossible and I can only see what really exists for the various label parts by selecting Print Preview. There does not seem to be any way to clean up or refresh the editing area to correct this video drawing mess.


Does anyone know what is going on?



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The product was introduced about 5/03 and I think you’re the first one who has had this happen…


If you pop it up to full screen does it clear up?


Otherwise may be time to update your video card drivers.


How nice to be on the cutting edge over three years later! No, maximizing will not clear the issue. I'll try contacting Dell next as this laptop is reconditioned new.

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