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Archos 604 and MyTvToGo

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Having spent a very long time indeed trying to get some way of converting DVR-MS files to something my Archos 604 WiFi could read, I installed this and it didn't work. However, after a very simple tweak I got it working perfectly so I wanted to share with other newbie Archos owners how this is done.


Although the Archos can read various formats including MPEG4 I found that creating those with MyTvToGo led to files where the audio was out of sync with the video. Using another program - DVR2WMV - I managed to create a few WMV files that were excellent qulity and perfectly in sync. But then I couldn't get DVR2WMV working in MCE and it tended to crash after a single conversion.


I found that the "Pocket PC - VGA" profile in MyTvToGo created WMV files but that the Archos could not play them.


So I read through the FAQs and found a reference to editing the WMV encoding profiles (http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=4445). You just download and install the free WMV encoder software from Microsoft and then use the utility that comes with it to edit the .prx files that come with MyTvToGo - as descibed in the post.


All I needed to change to get mine working was choosing 'Windows Media 9' in the drop-down list for video instead of 'Windows Media 8'. Archos can read the former but not the latter.


And the result - perfect compatability with the Archos. When I connect the Archos, I enable the USB as a PC hard Drive instead of a Windows Media Device and then in the MyTvToGo settings, I can pick the drive letter as the detination for the copied files. So I just leave my Archos in the docking adapter overnight so it charges up and converts and copies all my TV shows. Very neat!


Hope that helps someone somewhere. Roxio - can I suggest you make it possible to add in custom PRX files neatly in the interface - so you could select "Archos 604 WiFi" from the profile list instead of having to bodge the existing Pocket PC profile?

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