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Videos getting clipped



I add an MPEG-2 movie that is 8 seconds long. I go to Storyline. I right click and select properties. It tells me:


In Point-00:00:00.017

Out Point-00:00:07.491



The end result is two things:


1. This video is an animation that is intended to loop seemlessly from the last frame back to the first. When I put several instances in a row the video "jumps" past a few frames at the very end of one instance as it moves into the next.


2. If I put 4 x 8 second clips in, I want it to end at exactly 32 seconds when my 32 second audio clip ends. Since some pieces are trimmed the last video clip actually ends early.


a. What is the last number on the counter? Is that actually milliseconds?

b. Why is Roxio adjusting the in/out point?

c. How do I get my clips to in/out on cue at the correct frames?



- Rod

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(P.S. This newsgroup UI is driving me crazy. Sometimes I see posts/replies and sometimes I don't. The Lo-Fi version always shows accurately, but I can't post from there. I hope Roxio isn't simply cursed.)


So, I added this file to a new VideoWave project from the Roxio install: c:\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 9\Content\Video\RoxioLogo2.mpg. GSpot says there's 121 frames at 29.97fps = 4.037 seconds. Look at the in/out: 00:00:00.017-00:00:03:.987. It's not starting at 0 and there's been a reduction of .067 seconds -- that's a couple of frames worth.


Does anyone else see this?




Oh, I just noticed you said the last number is frames. That's confusing. If there's only 29.97 fps, why would I get a fractional 900+ frames?

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sorry I'm still confused. IN WHAT application are you seeing 00:00:00.000? I certainly don't see that in any of the EMC 9 applications on my machine.


Nevermind, finally saw what you are looking at. Looks like thousandsth of a second. That should just be removed. It only confuses people. From what I have been told, INTERNALLY the program uses thousandsth of a second, but for us humans, it displays the editing as frames (like under the large preview window).

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My conclusion is that EMC9 is simply ignoring the last frame. Maybe count vs. index problem in the code? I got the animation to loop seemless as follows:


1. I modified my source animation to simply render one extraneous frame. This get's truncated in the import process leaving a perfect transition.


2. I generated the MPEG with all I-frames. With out this there are several frames that are jumped at the end. This could be happening in the MPEG encoding phase or in EMC9, but I don't care anymore since I've got a recipe that seems to work.

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So, I've edited my source animation to put some little time marks at the first and last 10 frames. Using an AVI with no compression I see that the first frame is there, so the .017 is probably meaningless. However, I am seeing that my last frame is not present. With MPEG it's a little more difficult to detect because the editor/decoder have a difficult time syncing the video, but I can see that there is no frame with my last marker in it as well.

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