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Multisession Burning



Hi Guys,


After pressing "Burn" & insuring that "Read Only" in UNticked. Heres what I have to do to make a multisession CD.


After choosing a file to burn. I choose "ADD" next I must select "Import" (from the CD previously inserted) then press Burn > OK.


Should I want to add another file, to the above disk. I close Creator Classic > Restart Creator Classic > Add the file > press import > Burn > OK


Is this thing working right? Why do you have to import the files on the CD before you burn? To me XP's burn to CD seems easier, Roxio's GUI for Creator Classic, should have two boxes, or radio buttons, to choose from: Multisession or Finalize, for either CD's or DVD's.


I did a repair install of Roxio ver 8, as every time I tried to burn to CD (without previously choosing import icon) the OK button, at burn would be grayed out. It's not intuitive to choose import after adding. The user after adding a file, to be burned, is drawn to the red burn icon & clicking same, results in the grayed OK button.





PS Is this less cumbersome in 9, or am I missing something?

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If I am assuming correctly you are trying to burn a multi-seeion disc. To me that means burning data to a disc first and then later going back and burning some additional data to the same disc. If this is not what you are trying to do them forget what I am about to explain.


In EMC 8 bring up the program "Creator Classic". On the top of the screen is a vertically split window where the data on your computer folders are listed, and on the right is the files in any particular folder you choose. Pick a folder on the left and then select what ever files on the right you want to burn and drag them down into the window on the bottom of the screen to the window on the right side. Click on the "Burn" icon and select the option you want and the burner you want to use for the burn.


After that burn is complete, exit out of the Creator Classic program and open the drive where the new disc has just been burned. Leave it in the drive and leave the drive open. Now bring back up Creator Classic program again and now close the drive with the first burn CD still in the drive. After a short period you will see that the first burned files are ready to be imported to the new burn. Click on the icon (refer to attachment) and the previously burned files will be imported into the bottom window on the screen.


Now all you have to do after all those first burned files have been imported, drag some additional files into the lower window again and do the second burn, just like the first one.


Hope that is what you are trying to do. If not, sorry for this long dialog explanation.



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Rico, you are correct, that is how multi sessions are done.


You don't have to close and restart Classic though. Just start a New Data Project and you should be able to import from the disc again. At the most you might have to cycle the tray on the burner.


Keep in mind that this is optical media and it works with its' own set of rules.

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"You don't have to close and restart Classic though. Just start a New Data Project and you should be able to import from the disc again"


I'm sure that's the way it should work James, but having no idea why, every time I just left C.C. open and then shut the tray with the previously burned Media, when I went to select some additional files, the added files disappeared. Why, I have no idea. Anyway that's why I thought I would just have the OP reset C.C. But your way is certainly the correct way that it could be done.



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