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Burning avi files onto CD to use in DVD player?



I have some (less than 700MB) avi files I'd like to watch on my DVD player but don't want the (lengthy on my little laptop) process of converting them into a DVD format- is there a way of burning them to CD in a way the DVD player will play them back?


My DVD player is a Sony DVP-NS425P.


Apologies if this is a stupid question...

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If your DVD player cannot play Xvid/DivX formats then your only option is to convert to MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (SVCD & DVD) which will certainly degrade the quality and lead to bigger files.


Unless you want to buy one of the increasing number of DVD players that will play DivX/Xvid and you want to try to maintain an acceptable video quality then you will indeed have to convert to DVD-compatible MPEG-2.


Toast can do this but it is probably the slowest application for the purpose. Your quicker alternatives include ffmpegX (free for this kind of conversion), VisualHub and MPEG2 Works.

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There are some DVD players that are equipped to play DivX movies on CD-R discs. Your AVI's may be DivX. In this case burn them in the Data window with ISO 9660 selected as the format.


The addition of DivX playback capability on DVD players is recent. You'll need to check the manual for your Sony player. If seems the cheaper DVD players added this capability first, so you can buy a low-cost player to play those discs if the Sony does not.

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