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Problem following upgrade to WinXP


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I am running WinXP fully updated, upgraded from Win2K yesterday.


I previously had a Plextor 708 drive which died. I previously uninstalled the Roxio software that had come with it in the CD: Easy CD Creator 6 and DVDMax (I think it was called).


Since the upgrade yesterday, whenever I reboot, I receive a message


Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator




Easy CD & DVD Creator has detected that you have upgraded your Microsoft Operating System to a different version. In order for Easy CD & DVD Creator to work properly you must uninstall the software using Add/Remove Programs and reinstall.


In Add/Remove programs, there is no listing for any Roxio software and looking through the registry, there are no references to Roxio or CD Creator.


Has anyone faced and solved this problem?



Ken K

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It sounds as if you 'upgraded' an existing OS to XP - in general that's a bad idea as the registry gets messed up quite a bit.


While it can work, more often than not, errors occur


The best way is to install from scratch - let the XP boot CD format the drive completely (having saved all your data) and then re-install your apps and restore the data


Although the CD may be an 'upgrade' one it isn't necessary for the original OS to be there (it's better if it isn't). What will happen (or should happen) is that, at some period during the install, you will be prompted to remove the XP CD and insert your original CD - the system will read that to verify that you have it, spit it back out and ask for the 'new' CD and then carry on

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When you install your Roxio program the list of installed files varies depending on the operating system you're using.

e.g. Win9x uses .vxd files in the same places that XP uses .sys files.


The recommended way to handle this is to uninstall the Roxio program before changing your operating system, and then reinstall it again after the change. Since you've done the change already, try uninstalling Easy CD and DVD Creator, and then doing a fresh reinstall of it.

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