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Yikes - Blue Screen



I downloaded ECM9 and when it tried to restart, I immediately got the blue screen. I can't even boot from the CD/DVD Drive as it is not recognized.


I have a Dell Dimension 9100, 160 gig hard drive, Phillips 8631 DVD+-DL Drive, no 3 1/2" drive. Everything is factory.


Help please!! I'm sick at my stomach on New Years Day !!!

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I had the same issue the first time I installed. It hung and I couldn't get the PC back. I finally hit the 'setup' key when the PC rebooted and went to 'Last known good configuration' to restart. I uninstalled EMC9 and read the post here online about a clean install and took it from there. So far, it's been OK, but I do get intermittent errors about various components erroring out. I solved that by not using the 'shell' EMC9 program, just launch the individual modules I want to use, with more reliability.



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