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Can't reinstall EMC 7



:) I'm at wit's end. I used EMC 7 for quite awhile and really liked everything about it. Then, I got stupid and bought EMC 8 thinking "If EMC 7 is this good, EMC 8 must be better." Wrong. I hated everything about EMC 8, even after giving it a more than fair several month-long tryout. I then uninstalled EMC 8 and tried to reinstall EMC 7. Fat chance! First, I just used Add/Remove. That failed, as I could not boot after reinstalling EMC 7 and had to boot into safe mode and restore the system to its condition after removing EMC 8 and before reinstalling EMC 7. I then tried using Add/Remove and Roxizap, then regedit to manually remove all Roxio, Sonic, and Adaptec references. there were many but, after checking my work using RegSeeker to make sure nothing was left, I did a "search" to get rid of every reference on the computer. Still, I can't reinstall EMC 7, as the computer won't boot after I do. I am really, really unhappy with Roxio. In my opinion, they really screwed up a good thing with the changes they made in EMC 8. Has anyone encountered and solved this problem?

Just for the sake of giving it the old college try, I tried the trial version of EMC 9 and hated it every bit as much as EMC 8. By the way, the problems reinstalling EMC 7 predated my experiment with EMC 9. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark

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You don't by any chance have a Windows Restore point set for before you installed EMC 8, do you?


EMC 8 and 9 both would be difficult to run on my computer so I still use 7.


I think you're still entitled to Tech Support for Version 8, so you might try the email option to see if they have any recommendations on removing the program and all it's traces from your computer.

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I have tried many times to get EMC 7.5 and 8 to work together on the same computer and after many tries I have finally decided they WON'T !!! BTW, I think everyone should know by now that EMC 7.x will definitely NOT run right if you have IE 7 as your MS browser.




As far as uninstalling any of EMC's programs, try this thread and follow the directions the poster gives and I think it will help you very much.----




Go to the EMC 9 forum listing and click on "Tips & Tricks" listing. Then click on the post by "dlebryk" under the heading of "CLEAN INSTALL".



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