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Changing Fldr Name And Location [source Of Song Used In Making Previous Cd On Ecdc5 Plat]

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Am runnning xp. using ECDC5plat. in '02 I made compilation music CD. Still had profile on an 'old' drive with orig location of song shown. Have moved all music to new external drive [new drive letter - obviously]. I want to make another CD like first one and use CD text. Of course I can't do it with the file that is still showing a location that doesn't exist. How do I change [correct] the fldr location so that the ECDC can find the current location of the music? :)

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I don't think you'll be able to use your old project file if the source has changed. That sort of stuff is all embedded.


You'll have to make a new project, pointing ECDC at the new source of the music. Edit the names of the music tracks in your project, and write the disk in DAO mode with CD Text toggled on.

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