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Failed to prepare media for CD-ROM or DVD ROM



Whenever I try to eject either CD or DVD that I have witten to and select for use on another machine the progress bar appears as normal but then when the bar has reached the end the error box appears with the message "Failed to prepare media dor CD-ROM or DVD-ROM compatibility". The disks were only partially full - so space is not the problem.


Windows XP pro - SP2 ansd all susequent updates

Drive: Sony DRU-810a

Windows Media Player 11



Any help appreciated

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What part of the suite are you using?


It seems that maybe you're trying to use Drag to Disc (which if it's just for transferring data on a RW disc there and then is fine, but for long term storage is as reliable as an igloo in the Sahara). If so, the disc needs to be formatted.


If you're using Creator Classic, you don't format

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Many thanks - tried the formatting (from menu on drag to disc) then using Windows explorer, then ejecting and had the same problem - However when I use Creator Classic it works fine - so finally have done my end of year backups to DVD. Phew!


Surely it SHOULD work Roxio?

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