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Once again, "Options" from a centralized location for EVERYTHING (KISS, KISS, KISS) would be help instead of having to wait forever for one application to load to change a global setting (if we had global settings there would be a centralized location to access these in "HOME") and then do the same thing for another. Since I am at it; why does it take forever for these applications to load and in earlier versions these would be active on the screen following that click? I'm serious, these applications take forever to load and take ALL of the system resources and I mean all resources! Doesn't anyone know how to use an Optimizer?

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Gobal settings in ONE PLACE just wouldn't work. People like myself would then be FORCED to use something we don't want to use. I have no use for the HOME app and really wish I could uninstall it.


Watched Folders is a feature that monitors your media folders for new or updated files. After the first reboot, it does take alot of resources until it finishes that first time. After that, it shouldn't. You can turn this feature off by running Media Manager. It's in one of those men items.

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