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Roxio MyDVD for Canon Software:Windows X64?



Hi all...


I just got a Canon DC40 DVD Camcorder. It comes with MYDVD editing software. before I go opening everythign I wanted to see if this software worked on 64 bit Windows. Please let me know if there are any compatibility issues as I have to see if it is worth keeping this camcorder. I see no point in keeping it if I can't use the editing software it came with.


Thanks Jon

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Some how I overlooked this one, sorry


All versions of MyDVD 6 and before do NOT support Windows XP 64bit. Some installers will recognize the OS as a completely different OS and be very confused or it will simply say it's not compatible. It's also possible that it will install and work perfectly fine, but at the first sign of trouble, you can be pretty sure what it is. (And will not be supported by Tech Support)

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