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Analogue capture problems



I am trying to capture from VHS via s-video into my graphics card. I had previously been able to do this with Windows Movie maker. That now shows a very flickery / jumpy picture and fails to capture. EMC when I try to capture shows the option of WDM capture device but does nothing when I click on it. i.e. it returns to 'choose capture device'


I have uninstalled the wdm drivers from nvidia but no change.


If anyone can help that would be great.


Graphics card is asus v8200 T2 deluxe.

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That's some video card - cool glasses with it :)


Did you update DirectX to the latest (9.0c, December 2006) as well?


Many thanks for replying, sorry I got so bogged down trying to sort it out I forgot to check back.


I finally got capture working with other software but not Roxio. The problem was the latest nvidia drivers. As soon as I installed an earlier version it worked.


I would still like to use EMC to capture as it will go direct to mpeg2 whereas what i am using imports at avi. For copying old vhs this takes up too much disk space and then lots of time to render.


When I try capture with EMC i select WDM Driver from the dropdown list but get returned back to the opening page. Any ideas why would be great.


I have installed latest directX 9.0c.


Video card is still going great but never managed to get the glasses to work :huh:

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It's hard to say why it won't capture from s-video - a lot depends on the card (some cards are funny that way, preferring their own software to be used).


My normal method is to use composite (but I have SCART connections on my VCR with an adapter for s-video or composite video with seperate audio) so I can't really say much on other methods. Then again, I feed into the AUX settings on a dedicated digital TV tuner card


Does it work using composite and audio inputs?

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Doesn't work on s-video or composite, I have tried both on two vcr's one of which is an s-video recorder. Also fails on my hi8 camcorder. Just doesn't seem to want to recognize the card but does list nVidia WDM capture device (universal) as the only option in the drop down list.

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:):huh: GREAT, got it working. If anyone has similar problems this is what I did:


Uninstalled WDM drivers again

Used Driver Cleaner to clean registry of WDM drivers


Installed DirectX 9.0c - I thought I had done this but may not have had the absolute latest


installed latest WDM drivers ensuring I selected the driver and DID NOT let windows install an older version.


Finally I repaired the EMC installation from add/remove programs.


Many thanks to gi7omy for suggesting the directx problem as this is the only thing I may not have done and now it works.

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