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Error when writing the image



My question is more of curiousity and is certainly not a show stopper for me:


I created a dvd of my slide shows of a vacation. I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of EMC 9 :D:D:D


When I create the project in MyDVD, I have noticed that the DVD burn fails when writing the image if I am close to the limit of the DVD capacity. From what I have experimented with so far:


DVD - Capacity is 4.7 Gig

Available Space - 4.01 Gig (as reported by Windows)

My project to burn - 3.8 Gig (appoximate)


I do not get an error stating there is not enough room. I was getting an error stating that there was an error writing to the requested media and the burn is aborted. However, when I reduced the size of my project to about 3.5 gig, the burn completes, no issues. It does not matter if I use DVD-r, DVD+r, or DVD+-R. The vendor of the dvd does not seem to matter either (I have tried JVC, Verbatim, and Sony).


Why is a dvd capacity 4.7 gig but the space reported by Windows is only 4.07 gig? :)


And secondly, has anyone else observed this behaviour explained above? Is there some undocumented magic number for the max size of a project in MyDVD? :huh:


Again, I must state that this is just curiousity on my part. I was an EMC 8 user and was very frustrated with the quality of my projects using EMC 8. It was tempered with my enjoyment of using the application. I found that it is a fun program to use. That being said, I asked for EMC 9 for Christmans and have been using it since (thanks for the post on how to do a clean uninstall before upgrading!)


All, and I mean, ALL of my previous issues have vanished with using EMC 9. I am not a multi media guru but am in the IT industry by trade and I can honestly say that EMC 9 is the most enjoyable app I have used to date.


My wife now wants me to convert our Hi 8 mm analogue movies to DVD...When I tackle this, I' be back with questions! :D

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If you are burning to an image file, which is what it sounds like, is your hard drive file system NTFS or FAT32? If it's FAT32, then that could be the problem, as it is limited to single file size of 4gb. You could either convert your herd drive to NTFS, or instead of burning to an image file, burn to a video folder instead.


BTW, 4.7gb dvd disc will only hold in actuality approx 4.35gb of data.

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Thanks Larry!


I am indeed running FAT32.

That would explain it then :)



Convert that FAT32 to NTFS. It can be easily done, in XP, without losing any data. Go to Start/Help and Support, and type in Convert to NTFS in the Search box.


It is easy to do, and actually doesn't take that long to do.


That would be my recommendation also. That way the option of burning to an image file or dvd folders would work.

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