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My DVD 9 - Video trim controls



I am trying to edit some home video to make a DVD. When I try to use the video trimmer the fine adjustment wheels don't seem to do anything: I move it to where I want to start/end press the Set Start/End button and it resets back to where it was. If I click on either slider I lose the postion. This worked in 8. If the user interface has changed then it should say so in the help text and it doesn't. If it's broken then why isn't there a fix upgrade?


Has anyone else gotten it work? if so how?

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Yep... I made teh same mistake. Look under the little preview. There is a green marker (beginning) and red marker (end). You need to click once on one of the markers THEN fiddle with the thumb wheel. GO FIGURE! I don't think that is very intuitive.


After reading your post, I tried that. It still doesn't work. I can move the start point around (with no precision at all, of course) using the little triangles. But the start and end jog controls, with their SET buttons, are USELESS. Why should I have to select the start point triangle when there's a "SET START" button?? Shouldn't "SET START" mean SET START?


The controls are just plain buggy and broken. They should be fixed.


(Yes, I'm frustrated and grouchy.)



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