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horizontal jitter on burnt dvds



I have created avi files in pinnacle liquid edition and imported them to mydvd8 but when i burn the disc the video stutters when it moves horizontally yet if i burn the files with liquid they do not stutter.I am using mydvd because i like the menus.

i tried switching from interlaced to progressive in mydvd but that doesnt help.I have wasted about 8 discs

and a day please help me.

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Thanks for replying!I have tried these steps and have upgraded directx and the graphics drivers.

As the video burns fine with pinnacle liquid and not with dvd8 i am wondering if the 2 softwares clash or if dvd8 is not capable of good quality burns i have noticed many comments on these forums where users are reverting back to the previous release to burn their dvds.

What else should i try next? also can i export the audio tracks mydvd uses on its preset menus to another program i cant seem to find the files in the roxio folders.

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I have burned a couple hundred DVD's using Roxio V6, V7, V8 and V9 without any problem that could not be identified and overcome.


The Software Render worked in one situation where the video went blurry when there was motion. – That is not what you described but it was worth a shot.


Other areas would be the quality setting of the source vs. the quality settings for the output. – You cannot render UP with quality! If your source was 352 X 240 and you output it at 720 X 480, you get garbage. Check settings.


The audio is within the mpeg file, they are not separate files. There is a way, but I have never done it. Try a search here as it has been covered several times. Not sure it will work with the Menus but it might.

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If not already set to Software Render, try that setting to see if it makes any difference. (Tools – Options)


Also make sure your project is set to NTST or PAL, depending on your area.


If you use some RW media for testing, you will waste nothing since you can erase and reuse them.

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