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Age old Activation thing

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I own several versions of Easy CD Creator version 6.2. I saved the latest downloaded file I purchased from Digital River a few years back. As you know Windows gets clogged up over time and a format and re-install is the only fix. This holiday I did one better. I got new hardware too. My old faithful Easy CD Creator file was installed and I get the activation window. No problem, I've seen it before. This time however I get this:

The activation server reports that the distribution of the CD Key has been disabled."

I've tried to get help through the knowledge base, through the message boards, through email. The knowledge base just sends me to Ask Roxanne which I have done over and over to get a "ticket". I finally found a person to talk to in the Ask Roxanne window. I'm told that version 6 is no longer supported. I responded that there is a version out currently marketed under a different name, but on the back of the box it is stated it is really the old version 6.

Anyway, I am having no issues with the function of the software. I don't need support. I just want the activation thing to work. I do not need all the extra features in Easy CD Creator 9 or 10. I just basically burn the odd CD and print labels. I've tried Nero and it is just too complicated.

I've always used Roxio and just want this version to work for me. Any suggestions? Help!

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Do you actually enter a cd key? Or what does the message mean,

could you explain in detail?



I have Windows XP Professional. When installing the Roxio software, all goes smoothly. I even have a 14 days usage window before it stops unless I activate the software with my activation key. I have the key and it is already typed into the box when I go to activate. It is the correct key number. When I click the button to activate, it connects to the Roxio server. I then get a message that the the "activation key has been disabled".


Aftere searching the Roxio web site, I contacted a person VIA the "ask Roxanne" box and was told that Version 6 is no longer supported. I reminded her that Version 6 is still sold under a different name by Roxio. She told she could not help me since Version 6 is no longer supported. I politely told her that I did not need support. I only needed to activate my software. One time in the past, I had to call in and have more "activations" added on. They did it while I was on the phone. It has worked great until this installation.


There is no big mystery here.... Roxio just wants to sell me a big box of extra software that i don't need. Version 6 is old enough that there would be no gain in installing it in 100's of machines. I don't see why they just can't allow me to activate one or two more times.


I like the way Version 6 works. It work better than what Windows comes with. It make labels just fine for me. I have other software for video, pictures and backing things up. A later version of Roxio would only become a duplication of what I already have.

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