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My DVD Premier 8


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I just purchased mydvd premier 8 only because it gave me the option to move text & menu buttons. The picture and movie file I make up are done on windows movie maker & I save in either a AVI or High Quality video format to import into a program to set up menu and burn.


The problem I am having is that when I use premier 8 to burn dvd the quality of the pictures are not good. I look at the dvd on my 52 inch tv screen and in the background you can't notice any difference however when looking at someone face you can see the loss of quality it not sharp and clear expecialy around mouth and eyes. I have burned several times importing in both AVI & High Quality video format and the results were the same each time.


I know for sure the problem is in premier 8 because I have been using MY DVD Ver 5.3.0 for several years and I can import the same files trying both fromats into ver 5.3.0 and the quality of the faces are good. I burned it twice using both formats for each verision and the results were the same.


I just purchased the program about a week ago and though mabey there was a problem with program and mabey there was an update on your web site. When I check for updates it told me there were none. I would appreciate any help as for now I am unable to use the program and continue to use ver 5.3.0


Thank You Al

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