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CinePlayer 3.2 No Video



I forked out $29.99 to upgrade to V3.2 Cineplayer, and still no video display. The DVD starts, i can see all the software menus, and hear audio. But see NO VIDEO from the DVD.


What am I missing? I saw the area about DVD decoders, for for a paid version of a player, I expected the decoder to be part of it.



P4 2.4G, 1G ram, 256M Video card.

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So you can view the menus from within Cineplayer but when you start the title it just displays black video?


Make sure the following is performed


-You have DirectX9 or higher


-Set the display properties to 1024x768, 16 bit color, 75Hz refresh rate.


-Download the latest WHQL certified video card drivers from the manufacturer’s website.


-Disable Hardware Acceleration within the display settings:


a. Open Cineplayer

b. Choose Options

c. Select the "Video" Tab

d. Ensure the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" option is not chosen.


If you're still having issues a program running in the background could be contributing to the failure. Please go to Start, Run, msconfig, select the SELECTIVE STARTUP radio button and then uncheck the LOAD STARTUP ITEMS box. Once this is done, press APPLY and then OK. The program will now ask you to reboot. Once the computer is booted back up, test to see if the problem is still happening.


If at this point you’re still having problems, try reinstalling

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